I work 1:1 with women (single or married) who are struggling with self-love, romantic relationships and finding their purpose. I will help you experience a new side of you and create the life that you want. With learning how to apply radical honesty, awareness and responsibility, you will establish a very loving relationship with yourself and create meaning in every aspect of your life including romantic relationships.

I offer different coaching options to help you find peace in yourself and move forward in your life. I also offer a sliding scale for individuals who are struggling financially.

Please contact me at: belmer.cynthia@gmail.com to setup a free 10 minutes consultation.


What is the difference between therapy vs coaching?

Therapy is about uncovering past traumas or negative experiences and recovering from them where as coaching is about discovering more about yourself, what you want, what's blocking you and how to get what you want.

How do I know that I need coaching or support?

  • You feel blocked/stuck and you're not sure what you're doing wrong
  • You're struggling to open up in your relationships
  • You have family conflicts that you want to make peace with
  • You want to learn to be vulnerable and open in your relationships
  • You have anxiety that you don't know how to deal with
  • You want to find your path in your life and want to make a difference in the world
  • You feel that you lost your sparks and or maybe never experienced such high confidence in your life
  • You don't feel good about your past and want to make peace with it
  • You want to love yourself more and let go of the grudges, anger, frustration from the past or from what is happening now
  • You want to learn to master your negative emotions and fears
  • You're thirsty for a deep connection with your soul

What results shall I expect from our sessions?

  • Clarity about what you want from yourself, for yourself and from others
  • Become your own master
  • Work through the changes that are happening in your life
  • Have better relationship with yourself (loving, compassionate and respectful)
  • Have better relationships with people around you and resolve conflicts
  • Build a better connection with your partner
  • Identify what you want in a relationship and the kind of person you want to be with
  • Create lasting change in your relationships including practicing forgiveness to self and others
  • Accept and embrace your emotions
  • Stop being afraid of your feelings and take charge of them instead of letting them control you
  • Find approval within yourself instead of seeking it from others
  • Others will notice the change in you and you will celebrate yourself for it!
  • Practice honesty, responsibility and awareness
  • Become more spiritually connected to yourself and the Divine
  • Move away from fearful beliefs about life
  • More confidence in your abilities
  • Action steps that will get you where you want to be
  • Courage when it comes to vulnerability and being more open
  • Healing from negative past experiences
  • Change the inner dialogue that brings self-sabotage
  • Celebration for who you are and for your successes
  • Deeper learning about yourself
  • Begin to live life from inside-out
  • Open your heart
  • Speak your voice
  • Build trust in yourself, in God and in love
  • Practicing mindfulness, living in the moment
  • Work through anxious thoughts and fears