why we feel negative emotions

Is it normal to have negative feelings?
Yes of course!
How could we experience happiness if we don’t experience sadness?
We live in a world of relativity …yet, many times we continue to reject ourselves when we’re sad, fearful, angry and so on.
In my view, we feel negative feelings for 2 main reasons:
1- It has a message that says: you desire something that you don’t have or afraid to lose
2- It is showing us where we still need to love and accept every aspect of our being.
I sometimes forget this and instead of loving my feelings and thanking it for existing – I deny it and reject it. This brings more pain than love and distance me away from what I desire..which is ALWAYS LOVE.
——and that’s okay – because what I’m coming to learn is that:
I do know what I’m doing even though I sometimes have the illusion that I don’t know what I’m doing. In one way or another our feelings, action and thoughts will wake us up and lead us back home when we’re ready to be back home.
….but when I say to myself: It’s okay to be afraid…it’s okay to feel sad…it’s okay to feel jealous…then the negative feeling shifts INSTANTLY.
Because LOVE heals!
Our negative feelings represent the voice that needs love, acceptance and affection.
Give yourself permission to feel what you need to feel today and then thank yourself for it! LOVE it! Embrace it!
Then…you’ll experience yourself in a whole different way. #livelovewithcynthia
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