Uncertainty is scary

Uncertainty is scary for all of us.
Not knowing where we are headed, not knowing what is going to happen, not knowing whether or not we are going to succeed or even whether we are going to feel secure and happy in a particular situation could be nerve wrecking for so many of us.
When I feel uncertain, I always tell myself that it is okay to feel scared. It is okay not to know the answer. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And that is okay too.
Why? Because fighting what is going on will make fear worse. The best gift I could give myself at this point is to take things one moment at a time and to observe my thoughts instead of reacting to them.
Sometimes I succeed with this. Sometimes I give in. It is all a practice.
Don’t be ashamed of your fear my friend. It is a normal part of waking up to your truth and your full potential.
Everything is always changing and so are you! ‪#‎livelovewithcynthia‬
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