The secret to finding your own freedom

How many times have you said to yourself:

I want to get out of this situation

I want to live my passion

I want to build my own business

I want make my dreams come true

I want to set my own daily schedule

I want to forgive myself

I want to let go of my past

I want to find and live my purpose

I want to be rich

I want to walk away from a relationship that’s draining me

I want to stand up for myself

I want to take charge of my own life

 All these wants are driven by the desire to be FREE.


We want to liberate your body, our soul and emotions from what’s not working for us anymore. Our soul is eager to be at PEACE. We’re thirsty to draw in the breath of internal and external freedom.

………Yet, we confine ourselves with our fear of failure, success, rejection, abandonment, fear of flying, fear of loneliness, fear of dying alone, fear of not being good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, tall enough and so on.

We block our happiness with unhealthy patterns that we may or may not be aware of. We allow our fears to take over our life yet deep inside, we’re crying for freedom.

But, freedom from what?

What’s freedom to you? Have you ever thought about that?

When you define the meaning of your freedom, you begin to become aware of things, words, behaviors and people that are blocking you from finding your own space of happiness, love and liberation.

If you want to find your ideal partner, job, friends, money, fun and adventure in your life, you must understand what will make you feel free in every aspect of your life. Take some time today to fill out your journal with pages about what FREEDOM means to you .

Here’s what freedom means to me:

Freedom is when I open my eyes in the morning and know that I have the ability to make my own choices. When I lead a life that I choose and allow the little girl inside me to speak her heart.

Freedom is when I express who I am completely, without pretense. When I speak up my mind, my heart and let them float across the universe.  When I express my mistakes, pain, hurt and shame so openly. When I allow myself to shed my old patterns, when I feel my heart breaking open to invite my true self to surface.

Freedom is when I look at myself in the mirror and love what I see every single time. When I allow life to flow through me and allow myself to feel, hear and breathe the open space that’s around me.

Freedom is when I have no sense of time, when I know that I have all my life to fulfill my dreams. It is when I express love without any limitations, worries or conditions. When I fly above my struggles. When I reflect on my own power, the power of the divine speaking through me, the power of love revealed through every word I say, the power of my mind being utilized for a greater good. It is when I reflect on the power of gratitude and appreciate the little tiny things that I sometimes take for granted in life.

Freedom is when I’m detached from everything that’s around me and when I am only living through and with love. Nothing matters but the heart and the heart is ruling my life.

Freedom is when I believe that my dreams are and will come true and when I believe that the world is very generous to me.

Freedom is when I free people from their pain, suffering, from their blockages, poverty, lack of self-love and from their own judgements. When I love and accept myself unconditionally. When I free myself from own judgement and turn it into words of love only.

Freedom is when I trust the universe, the process and order of life. When I live in the moment. When I look at life from the perception of the hummingbird, when I feel his wings, feel the air and feel the space where he’s flying.

Freedom is when I accept what’s in this moment. When I release myself from expectations. When I allow space for people around me to accept each other as they are. When I trust that the stranger who’s sitting next to me on the train supports me, loves and will help me in life. When I look at people and say the word I love you, even when things don’t go my way and when I bow to every little creature I see in front of me.

Freedom is when I identify my inner wealth first. Freedom is when I trust, trust and trust again that good things will come to me. Freedom is when I surrender and let go of control and when I breathe the air of faith in every moment of life.

Freedom is when there’s no right or wrong, no beautiful or ugly, no war or peace, no black or white, no tall or short, no big or small, no skinny or fat – Freedom is simply when I accept my inner wealth and invite it to help everyone to feel theirs. When I welcome abundance with love because I know that I deserve it, I know it’s a blessing from God and I know that It’s a medium to set people free from pain, anger, resentment, judgement, poverty and it creates a society where love, openness and compassion prevail.

Freedom is when I open my eyes in the morning and see heaven around me, when I feel safe and loved, calm and divine, sacred and open, receptive and accepting, creative and fun, relaxed and when I’m floating.

Freedom is when I gaze outside the window to greet the beautiful flowers, when I bow to the presence of every single tiny creature on earth because I know we all belong to the same home, the Earth and we’re here to help each other survive and grow.

Freedom is when I liberate myself from all my secrets, from the shame of the past. It’s when I truthfully forgive myself and others who have caused me pain, when I  speak my complete truth about my mistakes and when I let go of controlling how things should be or look like. It’s when I surrender to God life, to suffering, to happiness and laughter.

Freedom is when I live my truth regardless of how others perceive me, when I acknowledge the power and blessings that are pouring out of the divine God, divine love.

Freedom is my universal right. It’s a self-expression of God through me, you and everyone on earth.

What’s freedom to you?

Close your eyes and imagine that all your demons and blocks have vanished – Ask yourself, how could freedom be manifested in my life five years from today ?



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2 Responses to The secret to finding your own freedom

  1. As always – an amazing article Cynthia 🙂 Freedom for me is a lot of what it is for you. I really could relate my feelings for freedom to what you’ve jotted down. Great Read!

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