How To Make a Difference In The World (And Live An Inspiring Life)

I know that you want to make a difference in the world but your fears may be holding you back. That’s why I want to share some of the reflections that I’ve learned before and after becoming a coach/entrepreneur, hoping that it will give you some food for thought in your journey.

The 4 most Daring Tactics To Live an Inspiring Life

Identify your fears

It’s very challenging to recognize what’s blocking us from living the life we desire. We wait for the right moment and for our feelings to change so we can go after what we want. We unfortunately learned to do it backwards. The first step to moving forward in life is to go to places that scares us the most and that’s called identifying and facing our FEARS:

  • Identify the pain that comes from the fear

  • Feel it

  • Hear it

  • Experience it

Once, you get to know your fears and its underlying pain, you can come up with different tactics to “navigate through it”.

Fear will not go away completely and sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand it. It requires efforts and shift in perception to make a deep change.

I used to be so terrified of being rejected. That affected every area in my life and I created tons of self-sabotage just to protect myself from this pain. But, when I started my business, I had to reach out to successful people and be vulnerable even in my writing because that was the only way that was going to get me what I wanted.

I did get rejected many times and I learned that being rejected does not define me as a person or the values I give. Facing and surviving my fear made me stronger and fearless.

Don’t wait for your emotions to change and your fears to go away magically. I am a dreamer and believer in magic but some things need a lot of work and this is one of them. You must take the first step to change your situation and that’s what will get you what you want in life.

Use Your Power

Imagine if God created us as powerless creatures, how would our life be when we’re in danger?

We put ourselves in dangerous situations every single day and these could be as simple as being in a draining job, miserable relationship, unhealthy friendships, being broke and so on. I see this as slow death and it’s more dangerous than being in front of the tiger that’s about to tear us apart.

The torture that comes from this slow death is long and deep.

As much as you think you’re stuck, trapped, suffocated, the truth is that you’re NOT at all. You have choice(S) when you open your heart to all the possibilities you have. YOUR POWER lies in determining that YOU WILL DO whatever it takes to complete your goals and that could start with taking baby steps.


Cultivate Your Faith

When we were little kids we had very strong faith. We saw the world as a fascinating miraculous place to be in. We trusted ourselves and people. We only saw the bright side in every ugly situation. Every single thing was magical to us. We did not need proofs and we never worried about the bad things that could possibly happen until we heard them from adults.

If you lost your faith, you can rebuild it.

I continue to connect with mine in every single experience I have. One thing that helped me boost my faith recently is the experience I had when my dog was going through his herniated disk surgery.

I was invoking, meditating and praying next to the tiny little shrine I made for him. I was in deep fear and I was desperate to know that He’s going to be okay. I saw, felt and heard an angel touching my back and whispering in my ear that he’ll be fine.

That experience was extremely powerful and it shook me up. It reminded me that I cannot control everything in life, there’s a higher power that’s taking care of me every moment and of what I love.

The same thing goes back to you. Trust that you have power but also surrender to the higher power above you so you can experience the magic that you always saw, trusted and experienced as a kid. I promise that it will happen again for you.


Set Your Imagination FREE

What dreams did you give up when you became an adult? What did you dream about when you were a kid?

Our parents gave us permission as kids to dream but then when we became adults they asked us to stop dreaming because our dreams are not realistic.

Have you ever asked yourself what if your parents were wrong? What if you could fulfill your dreams?

Ever since I was 14, I dreamt about moving to the states. I had my brother living here at the time but as I lived in a very over protective family, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be independent. It was a dream that I never wanted to let go of and at the age of 23 I moved to San Francisco and lived by myself for the first time in my life.

I was actually the first female among 100 of family members to earn her independence and live abroad.

I continue to build my dream list on regular basis and plan it out for the next 3 months to 5 years.

The universe will hear you when you state your intention loud and clear. Trust in your dreams and in the divine power.

Life without imagination is very limited. Allow your imagination to build your dreams and take steps to fulfill them.

You deserve to be happy – If I can do it, so can YOU.

Over To You: Now, I want to hear from you in the comments below – If your life had absolutely no limits and no one would ever judge you, what would you choose to have and what would you choose to do?

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