New Book “Meeting Freedom” 

How I Let Go of Who I Thought I Should Be and Revealed My Authentic, Unstoppable Self



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Seeking the true meaning of freedom, a young Lebanese woman turns her back on all she knows to explore her personal truth without fear of judgment. The first among the women in her family line to leave Lebanon and live independently, Cynthia Belmer displays true courage and motivation in her quest for personal fulfillment.

In Meeting Freedom, the reader journeys alongside Cynthia as she faces her fears head-on, including her family’s devastating financial crisis, war and terrorism, judgment, rejection in relationship, personal struggles, loneliness, and conflict. The author then beautifully turns these life lessons inside-out to offer the reader inspirational coaching questions as they relate to each chapter.

Using her years of experience as a life coach, Cynthia shares her engaging story with the purpose of helping readers take a closer look at their own fears and dreams and break free from their own struggles.
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