At some point, you must quit blaming others.

It hurts so bad when people I love criticize me, call me names like “overly sensitive” or tell me what to do in my life. It feels as if they are telling me that I am weak, not responsible or worthy. My desire is to have them look up to me. I want them to support me emotionally (and financially).

If these words spoke to you, then the blunt truth is that no one is doing anything to you. It’s your thoughts and your lack of trust in yourself that are destroying your life.

Coming from a very conservative Middle Eastern culture, I was expected to listen to what my parents demanded of me. That was part of being a good daughter and a well behaved person in the Lebanese community.

This pattern was so engraved within me to an extent that it was really hard for me to function without it (even as an adult). When I decided to have my own business, the truth revealed itself to me:

I realized how paralyzed I was waiting for others to tell me what to do and how good I was. I felt exhausted and angry when I didn’t get the compliment and emotional support I desired. I felt alone and unworthy when others criticized what I did. But, at some point, I realized that I had to grow up and be realistic about my situation so I asked myself : “If you don’t feel that you are good enough, if you don’t trust yourself, how could others trust that you can do it?”

My life changed when I answered myself honestly.

If you share the same feelings I mentioned earlier, then let me ask you this:

Can you find one relaxing and loving reason to keep the following thought in your life: “They are not telling me how good I am, they are not appreciating what I have become, they should support me. ”

How do you truly react when you think those thoughts? The answer is probably:

I get angry, frustrated, I lash out and I blame them for what’s happening to me.

My friend, it’s insane to expect others to look up to us when we are constantly doubting ourselves. It’s even funnier to blame them for not seeing our worth.

Seeking other people’s approval is a very lonely and sad place to be in. It’s also insane to wait for the people we love the most to move away or to leave earth so that we could become adults.

When you doubt yourself, it’s life you are telling God or the higher power: “Hey God, what were you thinking when you created me? That was a mistake.”

Decide that you want to trust yourself. The moment you do so, you shift from “something is missing within me, I am not good enough” to “I have so many blessings within me and in my life”. You’ll shift from “lack” to “abundance” and you’ll be able to attract and witness the blessings that are meant to be for you. You’ll become a responsible ADULT who is free of the exhaustion and loneliness caused by waiting for approval. You see the world through your eyes instead of the eyes of others.

Try this:

Describe a day in your life where you are trusting yourself, relying completely on your strengths and you’re making your own decisions WITHOUT asking for help. How would your day look like? How would you feel deep inside?

I want to invite you to EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE and to step up as an adult to create the life YOU WANT for yourself. Maybe it’s time for you, to be responsible of your debt, to start your business, to be with the guy that your father always criticise, to buy that car or that house ect…

Change will happen when you admit the radical truth to yourself, when you admit the reality, when you quit being in other people’s business and when you DECIDE to truly TRUST your existence.

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