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 Module 2

Differentiating between the voices

We’re all seeking love yet love cannot be sought. It is our natural state. We’ve all been
brought together today because we are all seeking love yet love is our natural state and it cannot be sought.

If love is our natural state then the question is why don’t we feel it all time? There’s something
that tortures us, that keeps us away from love even sometimes when we’re in love…. we feel distant,
angry, afraid of being hurt, afraid of being abandoned. We’re afraid of our dark shadows surfacing
yet if we were radically honest with ourselves, we know that these shadows are surfacing anyways
because we feel them in our body, we feel them in our hearts, we see them in our neurotic and crazy actions.

Watch this video to understand the voices that we all have within us and how one of them
can disconnect us instantly from love.

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What to do next:

1- Watch this video
2- Complete the worksheet. You have 7 days to complete this so take all your time doing this.
3- I’m here for you, so email me your questions:

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