Self-love Manifesto

Today, I will start my day with a SMILE and with a conversation with God. I will SURRENDER MY THOUGHTS to Him and witness the light WITHIN. I will TRUST that the WORLD IS MY FRIEND and not my enemy. I will LISTEN and follow the divine MESSAGES that I receive through my INNER VOICE. I will WATCH my thoughts without judging them because I know THEY DO NOT DEFINE MY IDENTITY. I will take life with a sense of HUMOR and see an OPPORTUNITY of growth in every challenge. I will COUNT MY INFINITE BLESSINGS and see the BEAUTY in everything around me and within me. I will ACCEPT things as they come and welcome IMPERFECTION WITH GRATITUDE AND LOVE. I will BOW  to our mother earth and to every human and creature I encounter. I will SHARE THE LOVE I have within with everyone including those who are LACKING IT because LOVE CREATES MIRACLES and everyone deserves many chances. Today, I have the choice to BE WHO I WANT TO BE, HOWEVER I WANT TO BE AND THE WAY I WANT TO BE. I will follow my DREAMS regardless of what everyone says; I will live my FULL POTENTIAL. I will practice RADICAL HONESTY and hold SPACE FOR OTHERS to express their personality so FREELY. I acknowledge that I am GOOD ENOUGH. I will ACCEPT with an open mind that EVERYONE HAS OPINIONS but that does not CHANGE MY ESSENCE AND IT DOES NOT DICTATE MY FUTURE. I will mind my own business by taking RESPONSIBILITY OF MY OWN ACTIONS and my own thoughts. I will SHARE WHO I AM without pretense especially with those who are WORTHY OF MY ENERGY. Today, I am a CREATOR; I will use MY STRENGTHS AND MY MISSION to make a difference in people’s lives. I will find COURAGE TO BE VULNERABLE and I will HONOR my weaknesses because they will LEAD ME TO GROWTH. I will be GENEROUS; I will give with all my heart and BLESS THE RECEIVER. I will ASK AND RECEIVE help from others. I will practice FORGIVENESS TOWARDS MYSELF AND OTHERS. I will release any expectations I have. I will ALLOW MYSELF TO FEEL WHAT I FEEL and embrace it with LOVE AND COMPASSION. Today, I will practice EMPATHY by STEPPING INTO the pain that others go through. I will LET GO and LET GOD. I will appreciate and HONOR my significance and THE GOODNESS I do in the world. I will INVITE myself to PLAYLAUGH and have FUN. Today, I am NOT A VICTIM OF LIFE; I am LIFE, I am a CREATOR, I am a POWERFUL BEING, I am a LEADER, I am the FREEDOM that I desire. Today, I am GRATEFUL FOR MY BREATH and for the gift of being an IMPERFECT and POWERFUL human being.


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