Why I think You Should Be Different


We wake up every day wondering what life is all about…

The moment we open our eyes becomes a question mark about who we are…

We look around to find pain, destruction, competition, loneliness and envy…

What s the point of it all?

We can’t stand being with ourselves and

We’re too scared to fully love others….


We want to belong…

We want to be loved and feel special…


So instead of trusting ourselves and following our hearts……….

We become slaves for society…and we replace “who am I” with “who do they want me to be?”


We let people’s stories and excuses dictate our dreams, our significance and our perception about life…

We use faith and social status to judge others….so that we can feel better about ourselves…

We create wars within ourselves …and wars with others…

We want to be seen yet we can’t even look at ourselves…we learned that It’s arrogant to love who we are!

We think that we must live this way because we have no choice!

We say “who am I to be different, to be the light, to make a difference in my life and other people’s lives?”

The question is….”who are you not to be?”


Choose consciously! Choose wisely! Because you’re already choosing in every single moment!

Every thought and action you make is shaping your entire life and the life of so many generations!


Choose to be different so that you can be happy and stop the hunger, wars, suffering and loneliness!

Change the story you’re telling yourself about your life…

Forgive yourself….forgive your family…forgive others…


Stop being what others want you to be….

Love yourself instead!

And that doesn’t mean you only love yourself when you do something good or feel good….

Love yourself when you make mistakes ….

Love yourself when you’re vulnerable….

….. when you cry…

when you’re angry……when you feel weak and when you fail….


STOP denying yourself!

STOP rejecting yourself!

The point of life is to be your fullest expression…to love and to evolve…..

Choose to be compassionate, forgiving and grateful….instead of being angry, resentful and judgmental…

Choose to be different so that you can create and not destroy!

You are a gift…You are a powerful BEING!


Who you want to be is a choice!

Now what are you going to do about it?


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