How To Build Confidence Based On Your Personality Type

Imagine you’re in a healthy relationship with your soulmate that looks like this:

You see the beauty in your partner and allow it to grow and shine in the world. You find yourself constantly talking about how awesome they are. They make you smile and laugh from your heart. You love everything about them, even things that others may find unpleasant.

You’re loyal and faithful to them regardless of their mistakes. They’re completing you and your heart is committed to standing against the world in their honor. You allow them to be who they are with acceptance and love. You see perfection in their imperfection and you only shed the light on their true values, skills and essence.

The result of all of this is a harmonious, accepting and loving relationship.

Now, let me ask you the following about your relationship with yourself:

Are you in love with who you are or are you allowing the fear of rejection and failure to take over your power? Are you inviting the world to see the real you or are you scared of expressing your true self, following your dreams, speaking your truth because of how others may perceive you? Are you only focusing on your mistakes instead of shedding the light on your values, skills and essence? Are you being faithful and loyal to yourself, to your strengths and values or are you comparing yourself with the world?

The result of our relationship with ourselves is reflected through “confidence” just like harmony is the result of a healthy, loving relationship with our soulmate.

Each one of us has a different personality type and the way we could build our confidence is dependable on our core desires, fears and the way we view the world.

Join me and Dr. Tamra Sattler  in this new episode of Super Life Channel as we dive into discussing confidence based on personality types.

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Remember, Confidence is when you commit to being faithful to yourself for better or for worse. It’s when you listen to your heart and turn away from the ego that’s telling you “you can’t do it”.  It’s when you let go of proving yourselves to others and focus on being comfortable in your own skin with acceptance and love.

Confidence is when you follow and stand up for your heart regardless of what the world is saying about you.

Over to you: Have you ever struggled with confidence? What steps did you take to overcome it? I look forward to hearing your stories down below in the comment section.

P.S: You can do your enneagram personality test here

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