Client Profile and Metaprograms

Coaching interaction is highly personalized and geared specifically towards the individual’s needs and aspirations

·     The individual has freedom to set the agenda, which can be fluid and flexible

·     One on One coaching has shown in studies to produce a Return on Investment of 10:1

·     Discover and tap into potential and creativity

·     Improved skills and competencies

·     Improve concentration, confidence, relaxation and decision-making

·     Remove performance fears and anxieties

·     Eliminate unhealthy work stressors

·     Having a sounding board for ideas, strategies and plans

·     Increased productivity in the workplace

·     Non-biased advice on business decisions

·     Develop advanced communication skills – effective verbal/nonverbal interactions

·     Powerful listening skills

·     Valuable Feedback



  • Client Profile

  • Motivational Traits

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