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How To Use Your Passion To Earn a Big Salary (Unexpected Antidote For Success Included)

Do you often hear stories about people quitting their jobs and making 6 figures just by following their passion?

How about hearing about those who put their happiness first and follow what they love to do regardless of the financial outcome?

Is this luck or mindset?

In this episode of Super Life Channel, I had the honor  to interview Coach Tanya Thomas. Her 20 years of expertise as a Dream Coach will give you the secret for happiness and success.

Got a happiness or success secret you want to share? Please it leave in the comment below! We’d all love to hear your experience!

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How To Differentiate Between Fear And Intuition

Not too long ago, I had my ticket booked to visit my family in Lebanon. Everything was ready to go and I was getting super excited to see my nephews again.

I woke up one day with a VERY strong voice within me telling me that I MUST cancel my trip. The voice was loud, strong and extremely powerful.

I was wondering what was that all about – was it my fear of going there due to the unsettling situation in the Middle East or was it my intuition?

It was a tough call but I had to take a decision and I canceled my trip. Crazy, eh?

Few days later, my baby dog Mocha had to go through a sudden spinal surgery and the situation in my country got worse.

Looking back at this, I feel SO blessed that my experience had taught me to ALWAYS listen to that voice within.

Whether it was fear or intuition, it’s really important to listen and pay attention to how your body is reacting to them.

So, if you’ve ever been through a situation where you had no idea whether it was your FEAR or your INTUITION talking to you, then this episode is perfect for you.

Join me in this new episode from Super Life Channel about how to differentiate between fear and intuition.
I’ll be giving you more than 16 signs that will help you figure out this mysterious blessing we all have. Continue Reading

Want To Say “NO” To Your Boss? Try These 6 powerful strategies.

No matter what position you hold in your career, I’m sure you’ve been through scenarios where you really wanted to say No to your boss. You wanted to push back so badly but you were concerned about the reaction or potential consequences that may occur if you were blunt about it.

These situations could be very tricky, especially if the person you’re dealing with is has “some” authority over your immediate future.

Let’s say for example you’ve been extremely stressed with the overload of work you ‘ve got on your shoulders yet your boss is still asking you to complete more tasks as top priority.

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