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31st birthday post: 21 things life has taught me.


1- Pain comes from my thoughts and stories: I thought about death every time I thought about life. I saw joy and sadness, love and anger. It was hurtful to accept that everything had an opposite but then I realized that I can’t reject reality. What I learned (and still learning) is to see opportunity in darkness. I learned that death and sadness don’t mean anything unless we give them a story; our thoughts are what create our stories yet thoughts cannot be trusted 99% of the time. I learned that negative thoughts create pain, happy thoughts create joy.

2- I learned to choose life instead of death: One my biggest fears is abandonment. I was afraid of losing people I love so dearly and I was afraid of being left behind as well. This created a lot of stress in my life. I’ve worked through this fear for seven years and I can tell you that I am so much more trusting and relaxed now than I ever was. I studied myself and my fear and I learned that by choosing to protect myself from the pain that comes from abandonment, I am choosing to live being abandoned and I’m choosing to be with the dead instead of being alive.
Now, I practice to choose life, reality and gratitude. I choose to be human which means I will have pain, joy, sadness and happiness and that’s a good thing.

3- My story is chosen by me: I dwelled on my past for so long. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, different as if there was something wrong with me, with my past. This only caused separation and more loneliness.
I realized that the story I was telling myself was not real. It only drove me away from the blessings that God was giving me. It drove me away from people I loved most, it blinded me from witnessing my body, my soul and how much I’ve grown. Now I practice to change the stories that do not serve me.

4-Blaming others won’t solve my problems: I blamed my family, my xbfs, my husband, my friends and the world for the negative emotions I felt. Why? because It was easier to blame someone for not appreciating who I am, for not loving me unconditionally instead of doing it myself. I realized that blaming them gave them permission to take over my power, over my body, over my emotions instead of embracing that what I need is within and owning my power will set me free.

5- When delays happen in life, it’s for many reasons: One of my biggest strengths is the “activator” which means I get things done fast, I’m very efficient and I don’t take breaks. When I faced delays in my life, I went crazy. I thought that something bad was going to happen but now I realize that delays happen for many reasons. One of them is that we may not be ready to have what we want yet or what we want may not be for our greater good.I learned to trust every moment.

6- Keeping myself small will only Continue Reading

At some point, you must quit blaming others.

It hurts so bad when people I love criticize me, call me names like “overly sensitive” or tell me what to do in my life. It feels as if they are telling me that I am weak, not responsible or worthy. My desire is to have them look up to me. I want them to support me emotionally (and financially).

If these words spoke to you, then the blunt truth is that no one is doing anything to you. It’s your thoughts and your lack of trust in yourself that are destroying your life.

Coming from a very conservative Middle Eastern culture, I was expected to listen to what my parents demanded of me. That was part of being a good daughter and a well behaved person in the Lebanese community.

This pattern was so engraved within me to an extent that it was really hard for me to function without it (even as an adult). When I decided to have my own business, the truth revealed itself to me:

I realized how paralyzed I was waiting for others to tell me what to do and how good I was. I felt exhausted and angry when I didn’t get the compliment and emotional support I desired. I felt alone and unworthy when others criticized what I did. But, at some point, I realized that I had to grow up and be realistic about my situation so I asked myself : “If you don’t feel that you are good enough, if you don’t trust yourself, how could others trust that you can do it?”

My life changed when I answered myself honestly. Continue Reading

Self-love Manifesto

Today, I will start my day with a SMILE and with a conversation with God. I will SURRENDER MY THOUGHTS to Him and witness the light WITHIN. I will TRUST that the WORLD IS MY FRIEND and not my enemy. I will LISTEN and follow the divine MESSAGES that I receive through my INNER VOICE. I will WATCH my thoughts without judging them because I know THEY DO NOT DEFINE MY IDENTITY. I will take life with a sense of HUMOR and see an OPPORTUNITY of growth in every challenge. I will COUNT MY INFINITE BLESSINGS and see the BEAUTY in everything around me and within me. I will ACCEPT things as they come and welcome IMPERFECTION WITH GRATITUDE AND LOVE. I will BOW  to our mother earth and to every human and creature I encounter. I will SHARE THE LOVE I have within with everyone including those who are LACKING IT because LOVE CREATES MIRACLES and everyone deserves many chances. Today, I have the choice to BE WHO I WANT TO BE, HOWEVER I WANT TO BE AND THE WAY I WANT TO BE. I will follow my DREAMS regardless of what everyone says; I will live my FULL POTENTIAL. I will practice RADICAL HONESTY and hold SPACE FOR OTHERS to express their personality so FREELY. I acknowledge that I am GOOD ENOUGH. I will ACCEPT with an open mind that EVERYONE HAS OPINIONS but that does not CHANGE MY ESSENCE AND IT DOES NOT DICTATE MY FUTURE. I will mind my own business by taking RESPONSIBILITY OF MY OWN ACTIONS and my own thoughts. I will SHARE WHO I AM without pretense especially with those who are WORTHY OF MY ENERGY. Today, I am a CREATOR; I will use MY STRENGTHS AND MY MISSION to make a difference in people’s lives. I will find COURAGE TO BE VULNERABLE and I will HONOR my weaknesses because they will LEAD ME TO GROWTH. I will be GENEROUS; I will give with all my heart and BLESS THE RECEIVER. I will ASK AND RECEIVE help from others. I will practice FORGIVENESS TOWARDS MYSELF AND OTHERS. I will release any expectations I have. I will ALLOW MYSELF TO FEEL WHAT I FEEL and embrace it with LOVE AND COMPASSION. Today, I will practice EMPATHY by STEPPING INTO the pain that others go through. I will LET GO and LET GOD. I will appreciate and HONOR my significance and THE GOODNESS I do in the world. I will INVITE myself to PLAYLAUGH and have FUN. Today, I am NOT A VICTIM OF LIFE; I am LIFE, I am a CREATOR, I am a POWERFUL BEING, I am a LEADER, I am the FREEDOM that I desire. Today, I am GRATEFUL FOR MY BREATH and for the gift of being an IMPERFECT and POWERFUL human being.


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