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Conversation with Laina Orlando about a Course in Miracles, God, depression, awakening and more

Few years ago, I got a beautiful book as a gift on my 27th Birthday and that book was ACIM (a Course in Miracles). I remember picking it up and reading the first chapter with Charlie who was my BF at the time and I felt so overwhelmed with how condensed and hard it was to understand.

That was the last time I touched this book until few months ago. This year has not been the easiest year for me yet it brought a lot of amazing miracles and shifts into my life. I realized that I was more living my spirituality in my head rather than in my heart. I had to release a lot of my old patterns, fears and beliefs and the most interesting thing was that writing my book was the biggest trigger for all of that and I’m SO unbelievably grateful for it.

My faith got tested on so many different deep levels and working through my doubt, fear and pain I was slowly able to connect way more to the love that is within me. With deep pain comes deep joy and that’s what this year has been all about. We don’t need a bad situation to feel this kind of pain or joy, it could all happen with us when we’re ready to shift. That’s why, I felt that this deep internal storm was awakening me to come back home to myself which is what made me seriously become a student of the Course in Miracles.


I’m still a beginner and I may always be for the rest of my life but what I can share with you is that this book has been creating deeper shift and love within myself. That’s why, I hope you’d join me in this conversation that I had with my teacher Laina Orlando about a Course in Miracles, depression, healing, awakening and more….

Laina is an awareness coach, author and speaker. You can get more information about her here.


I’m going to leave you with this quote from the Course in Miracles:

Make this year different by making it all the same. (experiencing our sameness instead of our differences).

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.


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