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5 Essentials For a Strong, Passionate and Lasting Relationship

Creating a lasting relationship with the right partner is foremost on the minds of many single women. Yet, the rising rate of divorce is discouraging; it creates limiting beliefs such as “lasting and passionate relationships don’t exist” and “those who stay in love forever are the lucky few.”

Lasting love does exist and it is not by luck—it is by choice. In every moment we can choose to open our heart and trust love and life or we can choose to turn away from these gifts. We can stay present and be accepting in the relationship or reject, disrespect, and ignore it.

5 Essentials For a Strong, passionate and Lasting relationship

Acceptance: Accepting and respecting our partner’s opinions, hobbies, activities, and patterns even if they conflict with ours is essential. Many feel rejected when their partner doesn’t share the same opinion. Not taking things personally allows space for honesty and emotional and spiritual growth for the couple.

Putting the Partner’s Needs First: It’s so easy to focus on “what’s in it for me?” when it comes to relationships; deep down we all want guarantees that we’re going to be loved. Turning the focus from “what’s in it for me?” to “what can I do to help?” is the most fulfilling action partners can take—there’s nothing more beautiful and satisfying than seeing the spark in someone we love. When we help and support our partner, we’ll get the love and fulfillment returned to us a hundred times over.

Intimacy: Intimacy is a gentle touch, sex, loving words, soft look, great conversations, honesty, communication, opening up about deepest fears, revealing true self, and sharing and helping each other fulfill dreams. Many people are lonely even though they’re in a relationship because they fear being unloved if they reveal their true self. Making a vow to become intimate on all matters—and that includes challenges and hardships—will make the bond deeper and unshakeable.

Loving No Matter What: This is similar to loving a child, pet, mother, father, and so on. If our child makes a mistake, we don’t threaten to abandon them or to stop loving them. Divorcing the “d” word in a relationship, loving during hardships, allowing the partner to be who they are completely—and that includes things we don’t necessarily like—are all part of “unconditional love.”

Remembering their story: Talking every now and then about all their great memories—such as how they met, the dreams they shared, and why they fell in love—keeps the spark ignited in the couple’s relationship. The more they remember the reasons why and how they came together, the more they cultivate a deeper connection, passion, and fun in the relationship.

What do you do to keep your relationship strong? And if you’re single, what could you do to learn from past mistakes and create an unshakeable relationship with your future partner?

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