When your life purpose is confusing + you don’t know what makes you happy

At some point in our life, especially when we hit our late 20s or mid thirties, we begin to question what life is all about. What am I here for? What’s the point of it all? Who am I?

These questions show up when we’re usually struggling with our jobs, with our relationships or we’re going through depression, anxiety, loss whether it was the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, pet, friend ect..

When I talk about life purpose with clients or sometimes people who are close to me, I notice the same idea showing up over and over again. They often associate life purpose with figuring out what their career should be about. I was one of those people as well until I was not anymore.

My experience and especially my 6 months of depression taught me that it’s extremely dangerous to link my identity (who am I?) and/or my life purpose with my career for one simple reason: What would happen if I lose this job? Would I lose myself with it? Who would I be without it? What would happen to my life purpose then?

For example: let’s say that you feel the deep urge to fight for your country during the war and you deeply believe that this is your life purpose. You join the army and go fight that war. Then what? What happens when the war is over? Is your life purpose over as well?

Here’s what I believe: What we do is an expression of how we perceive ourselves and life. For example: I help people ease their suffering and wake up to their beautiful self – but my life purpose is not attached to that and this is only one aspect of how I’m expressing myself.

Helping people is something I enjoy because it helps us in our human evolution and it brings peace to people’s life. I can also only do this when I too do my inner work and therefore this pushes me to learn from other people about myself and to share what I have learned with others. It makes people I encounter my teachers and my students (that’s applied for all of us).

The effect of my inner work has also an effect on my work with people and my work with people has an effect on people around them. It’s all a ripple effect.

BUT and that’s a big BUT I can only help people from my heart when I’m doing it with love and I can only do it with love when I’m being love and I can only be love when I’m happy with myself.

It’s logic. There’s no need for any spiritual or philosophical or psychological answer here.

Some people’s goal is to get rich, to have their own startup, to be famous…but the question is why is it that they desire to achieve all of this? It is simply because they want to be happy.

So they work so hard to achieve their goals hoping that their achievements will give them happiness yet when they do reach them, they realize that something is still missing in their life.


Because they can never run away from themselves – what was causing them suffering and unhappiness in the first place is still there until it is not anymore (read about my experience in my book “Life Without Approval”).

So, what does this tell us about life purpose?

For me, it is very simple. I believe that life purpose is a goal and that goal is for us to make ourselves happy and we can only make ourselves happy by working through all the kinks that block that happiness.

In other words, our goal is to purify ourselves from all the negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are blocking our happiness in THIS moment. Otherwise, you or I will be chasing our tails for the rest of our lives and something will always be missing.

In Buddhism, they talk about how It is in our human nature to desire to be happy and eliminate suffering. Look at all the actions you take during the day:

You eat because you’re hungry (suffering), you go to work because you want to make a living (you want money so that you can survive….you don’t want to die), you find a relationship because you’re a social animal (you don’t want to be alone, being alone leads to death), you go to the bathroom because if you don’t…you know what happens then and so on.

The problem is on a subconscious level, many individuals believe that they don’t deserve to be happy and that brings them to sabotage themselves in every area of life. Some are even afraid of being happy because they’re not used it – it’s a foreign language to them.

The dangerous thing about this is that it doesn’t only affect our life; it affects the lives of everyone around us. Let me tell you why:

Let’s say you live in a very small village and you believe that you don’t deserve to be happy so what you’re experiencing emotionally could be feeling miserable, resentful, angry, sad, depressed and so on. Then what happens when you’re experiencing these emotions?

Your actions are going to reflect this belief.

Then what happens to people around you when they see your actions and hear your words?

They’re going to be upset by your behavior and they will experience negativity as well.

Then what?

They too….will reflect that in their actions towards people that surround them (unless they’re very conscious).

The ripple effect continues until the entire village becomes so miserable…and what does that lead to? They will all start fighting with one another and that leads to death. Isn’t this what’s happening in the world now?

That’s how powerful your state of being and your decision about deserving to be happy is. That’s why suffering happens in their world. What happened recently in Orlando is an effect of one guy’s deep pain of not embracing his sexuality this led him to kill innocent people and now the entire country is angry about this.

Can you see why it is so important to embrace yourself (negative and positive) and to make your life purpose about finding your own happiness?

But you can only find your own happiness by making peace with yourself. Your new job won’t give you happiness – finding the right partner or a new one won’t give you that happiness….it may temporarily but the feeling of something is missing will come back again and you’ll have to deal with this sooner or later.

But….you may say: if my life purpose is to be happy then what do I do when I don’t even know what makes me happy?

1. Happiness is a state of mind. In other words – it is a decision:

  • Answer the question of: Who am I (WITHOUT your job being involved in the picture). For me the answer is: I have infinite intelligence within me and I’m part of the bigger infinite intelligence. Otherwise everything every religion has talked about (God is the Alpha and Omega – He/She is everywhere and in everything does not make sense). This puts a big responsibility on me as well.
  • Decide that you deserve to be happy.
  • Begin to work through the kinks (your perception about yourself).

2. AGAIN – Decide that it’s worth it to see yourself in a whole new perspective. What’s blocking your happiness is your perception about yourself.

What are you believing about yourself that is blocking the flow of happiness to come to you?

Look at that belief – question it! Meditate on it! Feel how painful it is. Then instead of saying: I should not be this or be that or do this or do that – embrace yourself just as you are and say it’s okay for me to feel this – it is showing up for a reason and that is because that part of me needs to be seen.

When you begin to look at the parts of you that need to be seen with love, they will disappear. When you try to beat the part of you that is struggling then you’ll struggle so much more and this is where all our kinks are.

3. DECIDE to act like happy people do. Have fun. Enjoy life. Find humor in yourself…. in life. Be silly! Enjoy THIS MOMENT. Stop for a second and observe everything around you as if you may die in the next moment. Take a deep breath and really pay attention.

4. Put your life in perspective. Do you have EVERYTHING you need now? Then everything else is not as important as you think it is.

5. Is your situation the worst possible situation in the whole world? Could it be that someone else is going through much deeper pain? Be grateful for the pain and the joy because we all know that we live in a world of relativity – in other words: How would I know that I’m brunette if blond people did not exist? Pain is necessary – it has a message for us.

6. Accept your present. Embrace the job that you hate. Find beautiful things about your relationship. It is impossible for everything to be ALL negative. If you can’t find peace in the present even when you’re experiencing pain then how do you know that you will experience peace in the future when the future is completely unknown?

7. Lawfully embrace yourself, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until the day you die. Otherwise, how could you be and do THAT with your partner and with people around you when you can’t even be that towards yourself? How could your partner get to know you if you don’t even know yourself?

8. Understand that your own happiness is NOT about you. Your life purpose IS NOT about you anymore. It is about THE HUMAN RACE. We are all interdependent on one another. Refer to the village example above. That’s why your state of mind has a ripple effect on the world in a much larger scale then you can ever imagine. That’s why you can’t save the world – the only thing that you can do is save yourself by finding your own peace.

9. What if you die tomorrow? Would you be satisfied with yourself? Would you change anything about your life? We take life for granted. When we take life for granted, we take GOD for granted. There’s no difference between LIFE AND GOD.

We think that nothing will ever change when EVERYTHING is changing in every moment otherwise – there would be no life…there would be only death. So, get your forgiveness to self and others going – live each day as if it’s your last. Make sure that you don’t close your eyes without making peace with that day otherwise what happened that day will haunt you in the next.

10. Find a mentor, coach, therapist, spiritual group, someone who mastered what you desire to be, something or someone that will help you in your journey. Many people feel ashamed of getting help. Many people resist getting help because they’re so comfortable with their own pain…because if they do then they’re admitting that something is wrong….and sometimes it’s too painful to see our shadow…..so…they’d rather complain about their partner, complain about how bad life is…..complain about their job over and over again instead of taking action to make CHANGES in themselves.

Some people rely on faith alone hoping or things to be different in their lives…however faith alone is not enough. Nothing is going to change around us if our perception about ourselves and the situation doesn’t change and especially if we don’t take action to purify ourselves and make some changes in our behavior.

11. Finally this whole journey is a process. Jesus had his own struggle with grief, sadness, disappointment towards society and he worked through it throughout his life and not in ONE DAY. Buddha talked about his own suffering and worked through it all his life as well.

Every single spiritual master works through his/her own kinks throughout their lives. Enlightenment happens for hours, days, moments or months and then the reality of being human hits again. We will know better than before but we will always have things to work through.

So, instead of finding kinks in other people and trying to fix them or change them – turn your focus towards yourself because this is the only thing that you’ll ever be able to change and it’s not an easy job.

So, be gentle with yourself. Take it easy. Stop the harshness and the I should not feel this or I should not do that. Everything in your life led you to this point and time. When you begin the process or the decision of finding your own inner peace, everything will become so much more joyful. People will want to be around you more, your career will fall into place and the same for everything else in your life.

I’m here for you – always! send me your questions or comments! <3


10 Things I Learned From My Intense Emotional Ayahuascha Experience

A while ago I went through a very dark phase in my life. It is called: Existential and Identity crisis which is also called the dark knight of the soul in the spiritual world. For those who have experienced something similar, they know how painful this phase is. I don’t want to talk about it in details here but basically you lose sense of: Who am I? What do I believe in? Why am I here?

I fell into very deep depression for 6 months. I was an angry person who is experiencing loss moment after moment. Loss of what you may say? No one died around me yet I felt that I was dying.I didn’t like what I saw about myself. I felt like a failure in every aspect of my life and then I kept asking the question: Why do I deserve to be happy? I’m no body. The worst part for me was not that I felt that I was dying but that I was imagining everyone I loved dying. I couldn’t accept life and death. I questioned God…in fact I was so angry with God that I decided to stop believing in Him/Her.

This experience was the darkest time of my life yet I wouldn’t take it back for a second. It was the most beautiful gift I have ever received and I can say that it’s the most beautiful gift I have also given myself. Why? I started building myself from the ground up which means: I rediscovered and redefined what God is to me and I decided who I am: Pure Intelligence that is part of God. With this, I began to let go of my attachments towards success, career, being perfect and I began using these parts of my life as an expression of who I am instead of making them “WHO I AM”.

Why am I telling you this and what does this have to do with Ayahuascha?

My dark knight of the soul led me to hear about Ayahuascha through a good friend who experienced it in Peru. Then I researched it for almost 2 years before I actually did it.

What is Ayahuascha?

A Psychedelic tea brew that is a mix of 2 different Amazonian plants. It has been used for centuries in shamanic healing ceremonies and it is now being studied by the biomedical scientists as a possible treatment for depression. People also use it to release past Karmas, to gain enlightenment and visions from Higher realms. You can read more about it in New York Times and in Nature magazine and psycholgical research are all over the internet. It is also used for people who suffer from addiction.

My Ayahuascha experience

I’m not going to talk in details about everything that I saw and what I experienced. All I can say to you is this is NOT a recreational drug and the emotional intensity that you experience in this ceremony is out of the world. I was with few other people and an experienced shaman, his assistant and other musicians. Each person had his own seat with his bucket since Mother Ayahusacha helps you purge for 6-8 hours and for days and weeks so a bucket will come in handy at that time. The room is completely dark and you’re only listening to shamanic music, Ayahusacha chants and you’re meditating throughout the whole journey which lasted 6 hours for me. Of course, no touching, no speaking and you must maintain you sacred space for yourself and for the people who are around you.

For those who know me, I have never taken any drugs. Well, I’ll take that back – I took 2 puffs of pot once and that was 8 years ago. I also drink a glass of wine occasionally (maybe once every few months). So, before you jump into any judgment, I didn’t do Ayahuascha for fun or for recreational purposes. This plant is not a game and words do no justice to the emotional intensity you may experience in this journey.

So back to the ceremony, I was the last one to take the brew and I was the first one to react to it. After 20 minutes or so – I began experiencing a very dark energy taking over my body. I have never ever in my life experienced something like that. Depression was a piece of cake.

I couldn’t breathe. I began experiencing a panic attack. I didn’t know what was going on in my body and I found myself screaming out loud from fear. The Shaman’s assistant came to help me, she held my hand and took me outside of the circle to breathe.

Yet this is when it all began. Ayahuascha hits in different waves and the first wave I had was so intense that it paralyzed me.I felt that I was dead. I thought I was dead. A deep wave of heat followed by an extremely cold one took over my body. I never experienced that much cold in my life. I didn’t know whether I should wear more clothes or take off my clothes. I thought I was in hell. It felt like I was in HELL. I began weeping and weeping for experiencing the world’s pain. I felt the suffering of each and everyone of us. The world was a very dark place. I couldn’t understand why people hurt one another – it didn’t make sense to me.

Then I began purging all the pain I felt from the world. I felt the pain of people who are so close to my heart as well. I also realized how mean I had been with some people even though I didn’t realize it and I didn’t mean it at the time. I saw my dark side – my shadow. I felt extremely lonely …a loneliness I had never felt that deep before yet I was so lucky to have the assistant holding my hand through this intensity.

I experienced death and that was the most terrifying thing for me but something eased my pain in this experience and it is called gratitude. My depression taught me that my pain evaporates whenever I embrace it and hold it with love and gratitude.

I remember myself saying: “Thank you Mother Ayahuascha for showing me what I need to see”.

Then I hugged myself and gave myself love. My pain eased out immediately and I felt a wave of calmness and my heart was extremely cold like a block of ice yet at peace.

So, you can imagine how frightening and intense it could be to believe that you’re dead, you’re experiencing hell with all the emotional intensity that comes along with this for hours until the plant eases out of your body. I had so many visions and many other experiences that taught me so much about myself and life but here’s a brief description of what I actually learned:

1- I created my own hell in this experience and I did the same in my life as well. What does that mean? Nothing was actually happening during the ceremony, it was my own mind playing tricks on me showing me what it was capable of doing to me. What I’m capable of doing to myself. What I have been doing to myself. All my thoughts were an illusion. They were a negative perception I had about life and myself. They were far from reality or from what is.

Now, I want to invite you to pause for a second and reflect on how many times have you allowed your negative thoughts to make you live in hell? Hell is a separation from God, it is anxiety, depression, self-doubt, judgment, anger and so on. This intense experience showed me the hell that I have created for myself for so long. It is then that I decided to be so much kinder to myself.

2- My life is beautiful and perfect as it is. I realized that being with my husband, my dogs and my family was heaven. Love is heaven. It is all I needed – everything else was just noise and rubbish. I had to experience hell to truly appreciate my life and we always have the choice to believe the illusion of the mind and create heaven or hell with it.

3- Love and gratitude heal. They’re basically the same to me. Pain faded away every time I gave myself love during the ceremony and every time I said thank you to my experience. I applied this concept during my depression but this was a whole new experience to me since I felt it on a much deeper level and from the inside-out.

4- Kindness is my new religion. Remember how I mentioned earlier that I was going through an existential crisis. When I felt the pain of the world, I realized that it didn’t really matter what religion or spiritual path I take. The only thing that matters is for me to be Kind. Whether or not there’s after life or heaven or hell or God – Kindness is the only thing that will save me.

5- I stopped fixing myself. I had to go through so much emotional intensity to realize how intense I had been with myself for years. I wanted to fix myself thinking if I fix this issue I have then I’ll be saved and happy yet I realized that I got it all wrong. There’s nothing to fix, only things to embrace with love. The parts of me that go through depression, sadness, fear, anxiety and so on are nothing but my little self asking for love and help. So, why would I beat the shit out of myself trying to fix myself with this tool or that tool when it only makes things worse?

I’m not saying stop doing self-growth or spiritual work. I still do both but I do it with love towards myself. I know that I don’t need to fix anything anymore and I know that the best way to heal and reach moments of enlightements is through love and kindness only. Sometimes I forget this but I forget it much less than before.

6- I realized the power of the mind. I have been studying the mind, thoughts and beliefs for 8 years now but I never really felt how powerful the mind it. I knew it conceptually and I applied it – but the illusion of hell that I experienced was enough to make me realize how powerful and tricky the mind is. I believe my thoughts much less than before now. There’s always more work to do in this area but again I stopped believing my mind maybe 50% of the time.

7. There’s always someone to assist us in our journey. Remember I talked about the Shaman assistant who held my hand? I didn’t know this beautiful lady yet I received so much love from her. She was like a mother to me at the ceremony. Now, this made me realize how people are actually there for each other even though we have the illusion that they’re not. We will always have someone to support us even if that was a stranger.

8. God is in everything. In every experience. In every being. In every plant. In every animal. In every rock. In every particule. In every thought. In every word. There’s an infinite intelligence that the mind cannot ever grasp and cannot even understand. That infinite intelligence is so powerful and whether we call it God or energy or Allah or whatever….this cannot be denied.

9. I stopped wanting to know everything. Before my Ayahuascha experience I was an intense spiritual seeker. I wanted to know everything about anything and everything in the world. Even though I still have the desire to learn and experience, Ayahuascha taught me to become humble. It’s very arrogant to think that we know it all or we can possibly know it all because just like I mentioned before, it is impossible for the mind to understand this universe. At least it is in my opinion and based on my experience.

10. There’s so much pain in the world. Before you judge anyone, please pause for a second and ask yourself: What kind of pain is this person going through that is making them talk or behave in such a way? What kind of traumatic life experiences did they go through? This also helped me cultivate empathy for murderers and people who do some crazy stuff in this world. It is also the illusion of darkness that create darkness in this world and the way to heal it again is through love and compassion. That doesn’t mean I’ll let people kill me but now at least I understand the pain they’re going through.

We all experience emotional pain. It is very okay to feel sad, angry, depressed, confusion, doubt, fear and so on. It is not normal to beat the shit out of ourselves for going through them. It is however normal to embrace them with love because they’re showing us what we need and where we desire to go.

11. I know I said 10 things I learned but I wanted to throw this one here too. One thing I understood from my experience is that my journey is for myself only. Here’s what I mean: When I was under mother Aya, I felt as if my face was covered with a veil and the only thing I could see and experience is what this veil is showing me. The veil is the mind of course. No one around me experienced what I experienced or saw what I saw. They were busy experiencing their own veil. Now, that’s how we function in our every day life. The veil is our perception and beliefs about life. However, what was most fascinating to me here was that this veil made me realize that even when I die, I will also experience my own unique journey. NO one in my current life is going to be able to help me in any way. I will have to help myself and I’m also hoping that angels and my loved ones and the light of God would be there as well. But there’s no way to know until I experience this myself.

So in other words, this made me realize that there is only the “I” in my life. Whether I feel lonely or sad, it is only the “I” that will need to help itself, sit with itself and love itself. Love and peace has to come from this “I” and not from people who surround it.

Finally I have to say it is true what they say about Mother Ayahuascha: She will give you what you need to see about yourself but not what you want. 


********** ATTENTION:

  1. Please don’t jump into doing Ayahuascha without researching it and without making sure you’re doing it in the presence of a VERY experienced shaman.
  2. The hardest part of the Ayahuascha is integrating everything you learn and experience with your real life. It takes months and years to understand what happened during the ceremony and sometimes you don’t even understand it. I was extremely sensitive to everything for few months afterwards.
  3. I also recommend to have very few people in the circle if you can’t do it alone with the shaman. Never DO IT BY YOURSELF.
  4. Ayahuascha is NOT a recreational drug. It is used for healing purposes ONLY so don’t even think of doing it for fun because it is NOT fun. It is intense and some people go through deep depression after doing it.
  5. Don’t do Ayahuascha if you haven’t done any healing work before. Some studies show that one ceremony of Ayahuascha equals 30 years of therapy. Again, This is NOT a game.
  6. There is so many research done by psychiatrist about Ayahuascha – read them before you do anything.
  7. Some people go on retreats to heal with Aya – however, I highly recommend to not do it back to back and to also avoid drinking a second cup during one ceremony. This is extremely intense and my words won’t do it any justice. Even my Shaman told me, it’s best for people to do it once a year or every few years and not the way they conduct it in retreats which is drinking the tea back to back in very short days. But this is your experience – so follow your heart.
  8. Don’t do Ayahuascha if you’re on antidepressants or if you suffer from Bipolar or Schizophrenia.
  9. There are 2 legal churches in the States that offer these ceremonies.
  10. If you do it in Peru, be careful. Ask about the Shaman, get referral as many Shamans are fake and are conducting cheap ceremonies for money especially for Americans.
  11. This is NOT a game.

10 ideas that will help you stay emotionally sane

****This article is written for everyone but I’m dedicating it to pregnant women since I’m one of them now.

I found out 5 months ago that I was pregnant with my first child. This miraculous moment brought so much tears of joy and tears of anxiety as well. I have never been a parent before. In fact, I was barely emotionally close to kids. Sure, I spent few hours here and there with my nephews and nieces but I wasn’t really taking much responsibility for anything at all.

Physical sickness comes with the territory of pregnancy for so many women, at least it was for me. In addition to having morning sickness 10 times a day and other physical illnesses, my pregnancy has a been an emotional rollercoaster that I have been embracing with all my heart. Many of us, don’t realize the grief process that we go through at this time.

We blame it on hormones.

However, while they do actually play a role in activating more of this grief or anxiety or any other emotion you experience, they are only digging up what was already in there and this needs to be looked at now rather than later especially if you want to avoid postpartum depression.

So, today I want to share with you few things that I personally do to embrace my journey, hoping that this will inspire you to create your own list and of course you can use mine as well.


1- Let yourself grief: As I mentioned earlier, sadness and sometimes depression come with the pregnancy game. Yes it is the hormones but it is also your consciousness telling you that it’s time to let go of your attachment to your old self (little self – mainly inner child) and embrace the new self that you can choose to create however you want. Letting go of your old identity is very painful especially if you haven’t done any or as much inner work before. You may find yourself attaching more to your mother or to things that you could relate to when you were a child or single. That’s completely normal and it’s part of the process of maturing.

What to do about this? Instead of rejecting and questioning your sadness, let it be. In other words, let yourself grief for hours, days or whatever it takes for you to feel more connected to that part of you that needs to be seen. Sometimes, I go to my bedroom and cry and write for hours. Rejecting your little self will only make your days harder and anger will build up in your body which will lead to more sickness. Talk to that self that is sad – get to know her and see what she really needs…then give it to her.

2- Express yourself: One thing I love to do when I feel down is to use writing as a medium to release my feelings. Sometimes I write for 5 minutes and other times for an hour. This helps keep my energy flowing instead of keeping everything stuck in my head. The consequence of keeping negative thoughts lead us to reacting to our thoughts and the ripple effect of this destroys our relationships with self and others. You really don’t want more drama right in your life and trust me…you can be as bitchy and angry as you want in your journal with no judgment whatsoever.

What to do about this? I have created many journals – one for sadness, one for self-inquiry, one for my conversations with God and so on. The reason why I do this is because I like to separate my negative emotions and thoughts from the ones that help me find peace. If you’re afraid of writing down your negative thoughts fearing that someone may read them, then you can easily burn everything you write every single time.


3- Get creative: That’s another outlet for self expression. I have been doing abstract charcoal drawings with eyes closed while playing meditative music. I don’t spend a lot of time on the drawing and it doesn’t matter how it looks – what I really care about is expressing what’s inside me and this always gets me curious because I have no idea what the result of my drawing is going to be like and it also brings me joy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 4.56.09 PM


What to do about this? First, please don’t use the excuse of not having enough time to get creative. You can even get creative while you’re on the toilet seat if you really want. Excuses are just excuses and it’s so much easier to take responsibility for your feelings then blaming them on what’s around you or on who’s around you. Talk to your husband, ask for more free time even if it was for 30 minutes a day. When we express why things are so important to us, then our partners will almost always understand and trust me,….they’ll be happy to have their own time as well. If you have no idea how to get creative then grab this book: The artist way.


4- Get your music going: I play Ambient music sometimes for 6 hours a day or more sometimes. It is often in the background of whatever I’m doing. Whether I’m helping a client, cooking, playing with my dogs, drawing, sleeping or having a candle night dinner at home with my hubby (we do this often and it’s highly recommended – no need for fancy dinner at home…let this be part of your get together time and it does magic). There’s something about music that relaxes the body and opens the mind. Besides, it is also very beneficial for your baby.

What to do about this? If you don’t have the right music that soothes you, then download pandora on your phone or on your desktop. You can also use Youtube or my friend Jon who is a sound healer, has created wonderful music for healing and relaxation and they’re free on his website: http://sonicyogi.blogspot.com/2013/07/sound-downloads.html

5- Be in the water: Water relaxes your body and mind and I personally connect so much more with water than with mountains. Since I live far from the ocean, I bring the ocean to my house by making epsom salt bath with aromatherapy on almost daily basis. Sometimes I add flowers and cinnamon spice to help myself connect more to the earth. I call this my Goddess time. I usually lit up candles and again play music in the background. (Please read guidelines about using aromatherapy and making a bath if you’re pregnant). I also have my go to place in nature which is Roswell Mill. It has a beautiful waterfall that calms me immediately by watching it and listening to the sound of water splashing left and right.

What to do about this? Get creative with water. Play with water, jump in a pool or a lake, river or make your own epsom salt bath with candles, flowers or whatever makes you feel more connected with yourself. Find your go to place in nature that has water as well. Don’t use the lack of time as an excuse – everything in your life comes from a decision and that can be changed by making a new decision. The more you’re relaxed, the happier your baby will be as well.

6- Meditate: I can’t stress this enough and I have to admit, I broke my meditation routine when I got pregnant but now I’m back to it. Even if you have to meditate for 5 minutes – that’s all it takes to help you connect with yourself more and ease your mind.

What to do about this? If you don’t know how to meditate, Drepung loseling have a free livestream channel. You can also follow people on youtube and also I have few meditations on my website as well. You can also do this simple meditation: sit quietly on a chair or in your meditation room and breathe in as you’re counting for 6 and breathe out as you’re counting for 8 or 10. The longer you exhale the more you’re relaxed.

7- Create your morning ritual: I have had my morning ritual for years now. It’s very important to me personally to have this because it helps me connect with myself before I start my day. If you google morning rituals, you’ll see that every highly successful person has their own morning rituals as well. However, for me success has nothing to do with my morning ritual, I do it because it brings connection to me and to God. I change it every now and then but it mainly consists of naming things I’m grateful for in the morning along with some prayers that I got from different sources such as:

Today, I’ll step back and let God lead the way.

Dear God, Thank you for all that I am and all that I have. Show me the way to console those who need to be consoled. Show me what I need to say, who I need to be and what I need to do to express you.

Dear God, where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say and to whom. What would you have me feel and what would you have me think. (Part of this comes from ACIM)

I also add meditation, 2 minutes of writing turn around questions, music and reading a spiritual book.

What to do about this? If you don’t know what you want your morning to look like then ask yourself: what would help me feel more connected with myself in the morning? What would bring me more joy and love? For me it is spirituality – for you it could be something else.

8- Ask for help: There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, people love to feel needed and we all need to do acts of kindness towards one another ..otherwise, we would go insane and disappear as a species since we’ll end up killing one another. You deserve to be happy. In fact, your true nature is happy and the proof of it is that it is only when you’re relaxed, that everything falls into the right place, you have clarity and contentment and therefore you make the right decisions. If you believe that you don’t deserve to be happy, then you’re creating a ripple effect of destruction and negativity that will affect people around you and by affecting them you’re also affecting those around them and the ripple effect continues. What would this lead to? Killing one another? Hating one another? War with one another? Then death of our species. Take a look at the world right now and what do you think causes wars, murders and so on? They all emerge from unhappiness and pain.

What to do about this? I ask for help in different ways from my husband, mother, dad, family, sometimes friends and I even have my go to mentors and coaches that always help me remember what kind of person I want to be and help me heal what needs to be healed. Identify what you need help with whether it was emotional or physical, then ask for it gently. The right people will show up for you but this can’t be done when we complain about what we need yet we don’t do anything about it. Seek support groups as well or go to prenatal yoga classes.

9- Question your thoughts: especially those that bring you misery, sadness and depression. I usually use “The Work” by Byron Katie. She has free resources on her website: thework.com. I highly respect this woman and she’s probably the one I look up to. I can’t recommend her books or her work enough.

What to do about this? Get Byron Katie’s book: loving what is and download her free resources. Also, seek help such as therapy, coach or mentors. These individuals exist for a reason and that’s to help us when we’re ready to grow or if we’re going tough times.

My Tibetan Monk Teacher gave me a great advice : “Just like you decide to quit smoking for your child’s safety, every time you have a negative thought say to yourself: I’m not doing this right now for my own child.”

10. Be very gentle with yourself: There’s nothing to fix about you – there are only wounds to embrace and love. It’s normal to feel doubt, fear, anxiety about your pregnancy and becoming a new mother. Watch what you say and how you talk about yourself. Being judgmental is not going to help you bring peace. Always ask the question: Is this thought giving me peace or stress? Is what I’m believing 1000% true. Everything is a process and everything you’re going through in your pregnancy and in your life needs to happen otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. So, I highly encourage you to embrace what is and be objective about what’s happening instead of dramatic and judgmental. This is so much easier said then done but it’s doable and it’s only a practice.

One thing I want to invite you to remember is that your child is going to be very thankful for all the inner work that you’re choosing to do right now because it will be reflected in your relationship with them.

I love you! I hope this helps you! <3

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