I was dreaming for so long, for my soul to shine.

Everyone questioned my dreams and

told me to be real.


Through pushing and fighting,

my soul got exhausted and

my heart told me that he’s disappointed.


But deep down, I knew I’d make it through the battle between

the darkness of desire and the light of love and acceptance.

I knew that my soul will be touched by a new light of awakening

flying from the heaven’s of God.


And as this war is coming to an end,

I am learning that there’s no need to desire, want and seek.

God is already showering me with all the light that I am and

everything that I need.


I now see the light burning away my human greed

and the voice of God whispering:

“Stop, you already exist!

Surrender to what is, this is where your truth subsists!”


There’s no need to seek happiness,

there’s no reason to fix and escape what I feel

nor surrender to the empty voices inside of my head.


I now see the light burning away my human greed and the light and the voice of God awakening in my heart…






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