Today’s act was super fun. My husband and I prepped 3 boxes filled with things homeless people would need.

We did 2 boxes for men and 1 for women. They included: scarfs, warm socks, hygienic things, sweaters, gloves, shampoo, towels, a beautiful watch, thermals, multi vitamins, aleve and many other things.

We also gave them 1 book each / we are hoping that they would read them and hopefully they would change their lives.

In addition to that, we decided to buy them some sandwiches since it was lunch time.

We headed downtown and honestly we had no idea where to find them. We drove around for 30 min then decided to eat and maybe head to the train station since a lot of homeless stay there especially during cold weather.

For some reason, we couldn’t pin point any so we kept driving until we reached an area where the entire street was filled with homeless hanging out on the side of the street with bags and carts all around them.

We pulled over and I just said to one guy:

.—-> hello, we have some goodies for you.

Then he replied:

—–> did you get me shoes?

He was so cute! Unfortunately we didn’t but we had so many things in these boxes that they could still use and we know they will be very helpful for them.

Then Suddenly more than 8 people surrounded us and more people were coming towards us and reaching their hands inside the car… Trying to grab something or anything. They were all so kind …. we were a little nervous because:

1- we only had 3 boxes – not enough for everyone
2- people kept coming trying to see what we have and it was sad that they didn’t get anything.



I was curious at first whether or not I was going to find a woman among them but I was so happy that we found her among dozens of men and we were so happy to give her the box.

What stood out for me was one guy… Who came towards the car and I said to him… I’m sorry… I only have things for 3 people. He was still so nice and simply smiled and walked away.

What is the lesson here? I was surprised so much with how much stuff We have at home that we are not using yet so many people could use. Do you feel the same?

This woman is going to be a little bit warmer tonight and suffer less because I decided to give away things that she may need. She is going to feel loved and this may change the entire course of her life…. Because someone she didn’t know cared. The same is for the 2 guys who took the boxes.

It only takes a little bit of effort to change someone’s life. That s how we can change what is happening in the world and create a more peaceful one: one tiny step at a time.

We are all so blessed but our blessing grows when we share it with each other.

That s a pic of me and my husband after we gave away the boxes…. We were happier and our facial expression changed immediately.

You can get happier instantly when you share, give and think of others.


p.s: hopefully this will inspire you to do the same or some other acts of kindness


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