Act of Kindness day 7

After spending my day with a good friend – helping each other out with life stuff…. I didn’t know what kind of act of kindness to do since it was almost 4 pm and I usually do all my acts in the morning.

However, I was extra conscious today to offer help to people and strangers around me because I know that small little acts matter …. Even if it was only smiling to a stranger or offering to plug someone s phone in a coffee shop.

But then, as I was driving home…. I felt that my day was not complete. It is pretty cold here in Atlanta and i thought of this idea:

Maybe someone really needs a jacket in this cold weather but can’t afford getting one. I thought of my jacket and that it would be nice for someone to have it as a surprise….

So, I decided to make a right turn… Not knowing where this was going to take me and not knowing who I was going to give my jacket to.

Then I arrived to a sketchy area (which I have never visited before) and I was praying to find a lady on the street that needs this jacket.

After driving around for a while, I decided to park at the family dollar store. I waited for a while to see if some lady would walk by but no one did.

My eyes caught 2 girls at the family dollar store. I decided to make an excuse of buying anything from there and then leave the jacket on the counter.

I have to say – I was little nervous in there but again my experience of being rejected so many times few days ago was so perfect to always serve as a reminder: relax! There is nothing to worry about.

So…. Really! Every rejection is a wake up call… It is a gift and a reminder that serves something deeper than what we are seeing.

I picked up a soap bar and went to the register. I then placed my jacket on the counter pretending that I was looking for my Wallet in my bag.

The funny thing is that the lady at the counter touched my jacket by mistake… Thinking that it was from the store. This made me so happy because I knew it was not a coincidence and she was probably tapping into my intention.

I paid for my soap and walked away fast, leaving my jacket on the counter. I am happy to trust that someone who is in need will be taking it. The jacket by the way is brand new and I am sharing this for a reason called: practicing detachment.

I am also happy that I didn t see their reaction – I can only imagine what could happen and what would they do when they take it.

The lesson here is: we don’t need to know the outcome of everything – sometimes imagination is better than the experience itself. The whole act of kindness today was not planned at all and it was not on my list. I did it because I felt like it and it feels good to know that you are discreetly helping someone out.

Isn’t this what our angels and the force of God doing in every moment?

The other lesson – don’t get attached to things you own or have. You are a spirit with a body and not the other way around. Often times, we treat our clothes and our belongings as if they are us. But are they really?

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