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As a Certified Self-growth and Relationship coach, I’m dedicated to helping women who are committed to grow emotionally and spiritually. Life could be very complicated when fear is driving our life but when we learn to become clear about “who we are” and “kind of person” we would like to be in this world….our mind settles and everything else, including the most complicated situations become solvable.

I myself have been through the self-inquiry process for over 10 years and I have been practicing mindfulness for 8 years — My own personal transformation from self-denial to self-love is one of the many tools I use to help individuals from all over the world in their journey (you can read about my journey in my book “Life Without Approval”). My job is to help you identify where you have been misaligned with your truth and to embrace those icky negative emotions. There is no shame in asking for help. I myself ask for it too and I have my own mentors and coaches because I’m dedicated to grow and get in touch with my natural state as much as you do.

Many people are afraid of their emotions because we learned to reject and suppress what we don’t understand. In fact, many of us are ashamed of feeling them — we believe that something is wrong with us if we feel anything but happiness. I do believe that we all desire the same thing: To be happy AND happiness is our natural state yet every single emotion exists for a reason otherwise it wouldn’t have existed in the first place. So, it’s up to us to suppress it and deal with the consequences later on or work through it, embrace it and become someone who is more loving, compassionate and fearless.

I’m the right person to help support you in your journey If you’re dedicated to your own growth and struggling with the following:

  • Relationship with others (partner or family):
    • Fear of being emotionally close to someone
    • You shut down instead of opening up about what you want or what scares you the most
    • Don’t know how to deal with your negative feelings
    • You’re afraid of speaking up
    • You’re afraid of being abandoned
    • Seek approval of your partner and other people around you
    • You’re lonely even though you’re in a relationship
    • Family conflict including feeling anger, shame and sadness towards anyone in your family
    • Not knowing how to deal with criticism (or afraid of being criticized)


  • Personal (relationship with self)
    • You don’t know who you are and what you want from life
    • You don’t know how to embrace your feelings
    • Have hard time letting go of the past
    • You doubt yourself OFTEN
    • You are very successful in your career but feel stuck and unhappy in your life
    • You have negative thoughts about yourself and life that are ready to be questioned
    • Your anxiety is driving your decisions
    • You feel empty and sad often
    • You struggle to find your own spiritual beliefs about God, yourself and life



Cynthia Belmer, MFA — is a Certified Self-growth and relationship coach, Author of “Life Without Approval”. She is dedicated to helping women who are committed to their self-growth, turn their life around from self-doubt to self-love. Cynthia has been featured in many radio shows and her articles have had thousands of shares of Mindbodygreen. You can email her directly at: belmer.cynthia@gmail.com

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Cynthia Belmer is a best selling author, inspirational speaker, relationship coach and a truth seeker. She coaches ambitious women from all over the world to fall in love with who they are and find the right partner for life.