22 Qualities That Make an Inspiring Leader (And How You can Identify If You’re One)

What makes a good leader? How can you identify if this is one of your strengths?

These questions often pop when we’re going through a transition in our lives such as starting our own business, taking a management and team lead roles.

Each one of us operates based on their own model of the world:  We were dropped in this world as babies with five senses; visual ( see), auditory, (hear), olfactory (smell) gustatory (taste) and kinesthetic (movement and touch). The environment that we lived in, how our senses were developed and our experiences created our model of the world.

I really believe that each one of us must define and reflect leadership based on their model of the world. Having your own self expression of the world is what differentiates you from others.

Take for example Ghandi, his leadership style was completely different from any other leader around him even up until today. He expressed himself based on his values and beliefs and his concept of freedom. He was unique, powerful and different.

I’ll share with you today the way I perceive leadership. This could be applied in any area of life especially in careers.

A good leader is:

  1. Someone who knows their strengths, beliefs, values
  2. Sees the best in people and makes them aware of their strengths and power
  3. Someone with courage to admit their mistakes because they know they’re human and it’s the best way to grow
  4. They’re modest, honest and compassionate towards others
  5. They Recognize people’s pain and helps them get through it
  6. Their words are followed by REAL actions
  7. They Fight for their beliefs yet open to hear others’
  8. They’re detached from the social norm. They lead life based on their beliefs, values, morals and what makes them happy
  9. Is confident and proud of what they’ve achieved yet humbleness is their mantra
  10. Someone who practice gratitude every day and sees the world with a positive view
  11. Someone who’s fearless, courageous and flows with the ups and downs of life
  12. They use their inner GPS to navigate through life
  13. They Trust their intuition and inner voice
  14. They respect other people’s model of the world and help them grow through it
  15. They give people space to be and to express themselves and respect their differences
  16. They have strong morals and ethics. They stick to them no matter what trials they go through in life
  17. They’re courageous to “be and express” their authentic self around anyone and everyone
  18. They’re honest and speak their truth no matter what
  19. They know how to create a balanced lifestyle and appreciates every moment of their day
  20. They’re a believer and have strong faith. They trust the process of life.
  21. They use every experience as an opportunity to grow, express, learn and educate
  22. They believe the world is generous and has enough for everyone


What are the qualities of an inspiring leader based on your model of the world?

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