The #1 Secret To Attracting a Relationship That Will Last Forever

It’s natural to go through a phase of denial, self-doubt and heartache when we get broken up with. The ego is so hurt and challenged. The pain that’s inside of us weighs more than we could bear and more than any words could express.

This creates fear of:

  1. Staying stuck in this pain
  2. Being alone forever because “we believe” there’s something wrong with us
  3. Fear of being unwanted/unloved

I know these fears seem so real to you right now, they seemed so real to me too six years ago and you could read all about it my book “Meeting Freedom”. However, for today I’m going to show you a simple process that will get you started to snap out of these fears, become centered and attract the amazing relationship you deserve.

This tool is sweet, soft, kind, nurturing, empowering and it melts your heart. It’s called: The Self-Love Bar.

You must be saying, what? Are you kidding me now?

No, I’m not because this is exactly what I used in order to be where I am today. This is what helped me attract someone like Charlie and meet him EXACTLY one week after I moved to Atlanta. I knew no one, I had no one in Georgia but I can tell you that all my inner growth work which of course includes loving myself, accepting my faults and building a vision of what I wanted in a relationship and most of all WHO do I want to become is what led me to this path.

Love is the most powerful tool anyone could ever have. It’s the main reason why we can survive. can you imagine yourself living for 50 years in an island without any communication or contact with someone  you love? Not even an animal? It’s devastating, right?

Then how can we live years fighting anxiety, loneliness, fears and seeking love from everyone around us except for us?

The truth is, loving ourselves makes us so powerful. This triggers fear of rejection and fear of being alone because we’re terrified of our own power so it’s more certain for us to kill it then use it.

But we both know that rejecting ourselves will only lead to being around people who reject us and I know that this is not what you want. You want to attract the kind of love that is mutual and that melts your heart, give you power and get your needs met.


Self-Love Bar Ingredients 

30g Gratitude as an attitude and assttitude (shaking your butt)

2g Daily Self-hugs (one in the evening, one at night)

10g of understanding your needs and asking for them

10g of having a clear vision of every area of your life

8 cups Understanding your values

1000 TBSP Being kind to yourself when you do mistakes and say: I FREAKIN’ ROCK!

50 daily cups Saying I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU in front of the mirror

1 daily cup Do one act of kindness towards yourself

30g of Being proud of your power, embrace it and let it shine instead of killing it to keep people around you

1 Daily cup Dancing for 5 minutes

20g Turning your focus towards what you want instead of what you don’t want

100g Calming your mind

200g Making peace with your past

200g Using positive language when you speak about yourself and your future


How does Self-love bar works?

Remember how you burned the first meal you cooked or the first cake you baked? I certainly do because the first time I cooked, I burned my fingers and the first time I baked a cake, I added salt instead of sugar. So, you can imagine the rest!
Everything takes practice. Just like cooking your first, second, third meal, finding the love of your life is about YOU PRACTICING FINDING THIS LOVE WITHIN YOU. Though, my broken heart opened my eyes to starting the process of loving myself, I am still practicing it up until today. But that doesn’t mean you should never start it because you and I know that it’s the pathway to unlimited confidence, unconditional happiness and love……. who would not want that?

We both know that in order to attract REAL and AMAZING intimacy, we must get intimate with what’s going on within and feel comfortable in our own skin.

Leave a comment below and tell me what’s stopping you from loving yourself unconditionally and what action are you going to take to start looking at yourself with LOVE instead of doubt?

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