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When Facebook is The Drug


Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend about how dangerous social media has become. I’ve been experiencing its impact for quite some time now yet I have not done so much about it. As an entrepreneur who works from home, I have a huge dependency on facebook to connect and chat with people I love. The idea of canceling my account creates fears of loneliness, missing out on the world and boredom.

I also know that I’m not alone in these experiences as more than 500 million people use Facebook every single day. A study even shows that Facebook damages our well-being over time. This is something I couldn’t agree with more!

If I were to speak honestly about my relationship with Facebook, I’d say that it’s a love and hate relationship. I love it because it helps me get my needs of love, connection and significance met and I hate it because I feel so disconnected from the present moment, I feel high anxiety as long as I have my phone around me and it seems like it’s hard to sit alone for a moment unless I decide to keep my cellphone two stories away from me or at home.

When I look around me in public or even my own home, we use our smartphones or get on Facebook the moment we feel that we have a minute alone. I believe this to be extremely dangerous to our psyche and to society because it’s a form of addiction that is socially accepted.

Have you ever tracked how many times do you check your smartphone per day? How many times are you on Facebook just because you feel the need to connect with someone whether it was through a chat or newsfeed.

Why do people take drugs? To escape an unpleasant reality and emotions, to feel happy, to compensate for something that is missing such as a form of emptiness because we feel that we’re not in touch with our soul, purpose, self and so on….

Why do people use Facebook? On a high level it is to help businesses (which is really a waste of time), or to spread trends, share news and ideas. But we mostly use Facebook because we want to connect. We want to be seen by the world and we want to be loved and interact with others. Now that we can access this tool anytime, our ego asks for a boost multiple times per day. It seems like we’re competing over who is more self-absorbed, and our happiness (pure ego) depends on the number of likes, shares and comments from our posts.

So, what’s in common between a drug addict and a Facebook user? They both seek an escape from reality in order to get their core needs of significance and connection met.

Realizing this was not very pleasant for me especially since I have personally witnessed how Facebook disconnects me from people around me and from being with myself. So, instead of constantly complaining about the anxiety that comes from loving/hating social media, and instead of feeding my ego through a socially accepted addiction, I decided to completely shut down my Facebook accounts and focus instead on feeding my soul.

My hope from this article is to shed the light on the damage that high dependency and attachment create in our lives. I also want to invite you to take some time to reflect on how you can build a greater relationship with yourself instead of building it with the phone.

Bye bye Facebook.

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Free Love Quiz

Get free instant access to find out what's blocking you from being in a long-term relationship