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How to conquer the fear of being abandoned and experience relationships with freedom, confidence and unconditional love.

This is a step by step self-study course that will help you heal from your past experiences, learn tactics to work with your fear of abandonment and stop the destructive patterns that are keeping you from attracting, creating and building meaningful, heart-centered and lasting relationships.

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From fear of being hurt (again) to I’m finally in love and ENGAGED! [ podcast 1 ]

Few months ago, Linda contacted me about her situation in her romantic relationships. She was struggling to get over her xbf and she was afraid of being hurt again in the new relationship she had.

Her biggest desire was to fall in love again and find courage to open her heart.

In this podcast and live coaching session, you’ll hear how Linda was able to breakthrough her struggle and decide to open herself for love again in just few minutes.

By the way, I followed up with Linda few months after this short session and she attested how this short coaching session helped her to really let go of her fears and fall in love with her new partner.
AND, I also learned few days ago that Linda got engaged!!!!!…..I am so happy for her and so grateful that she was open to share her deepest experience with us today. It takes so much courage to do that! (Thank you Linda!)

Back to you: What is keeping you from falling in love again? What must you let go of to create the love life you want?

To participate in this podcast and get a free coaching session with me, please email me at Please note that your privacy is so important to me so your name will be changed for the podcast.


Are you becoming (or afraid of becoming) your parents in your romantic relationships?

I struggled with lack of trust in relationships for so long. I felt as if long lasting love never existed even though I secretly wanted to believe that this was not true. I thought that couples stay together for the sake of kids and not for the sake of love and togetherness. For so manyContinue Reading

Free Love Quiz

Get free instant access to find out what's blocking you from being in a long-term relationship